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Bauer Elena Aleksandrovna, Associate professor, sub-department of Russian history, Nizhnevartovsk State
University (56 Lenin street, Nizhnevartovsk, Tumen region, Russia),

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Background. In recent decades Russian historical science demonstrated increased interest in the development of the public consciousness. Social-political thought and the idea «Moscow the third Rome» becomes the object of the research of historians with the turn of XIX–XX centuries, especially from the second decade of the last century. Foreign colleagues within the framework of the International historical research seminar «From Rome to the Third Rome» – rise historic and religious, legal, philological aspects of the idea. Nevertheless, the historiographical works on issues of public thoughts are highly rare. The investigation of historiography reflection of the idea of «Moscow the third Rome» in the Russian writings of the end of the XV – beginning of the XVII centuries is important for the study of socio-political thought of the Russian middle ages, that gives the opportunity to reflect on the progress and results of studying the evolution of the theory of the «third Rome», its place in the public consciousness and political practice of the Moscow state specified time. The aim of our research is to study the opinions of the historians on the role of ideas «Moscow the third Rome» in socio-political life of the Moscow autocracy of the XV–XVII centuries and the reflection of this theory in Russian written language.
Materials and methods. Leading the methodological principle served as the principle of historicism, involving the study of scientific works in the context of their historical causality and allowing to assess the contribution of the scientist in the study of the issue than its predecessors. Chronological method made it possible to trace the development of the representations of the Russian explorers of the last century about the nature and the time of formation of the theory of Philotheus, its reflection in medieval literature, in particular, made it possible to allocate two periods of study of the idea that differ from each other. A comparative historical method was used during the mapping statements of scientists about the idea of «Moscow the third Rome». Based on historical and genetic research method, we tried to determine the changes in the issues of the study of «the third Rome» in Russian literature from the time of Ivan III to the end of the Troubles.
Conclusions. In the historiography of the idea of «Moscow the third Rome» there are two main stages, which differ from each other depending on the degree of intensity of the study of this theory and the level of use of source material. Researchers found echoes of the idea in Russian written language, such as «The story of the beginning of Moscow», «the Kazan history» and others.

Key words

social-political thought of the XV–XVIIth centuries, theory «Moscow the third Rome», Filofey, the written Russian records of the XV–ХVIIth centuries.

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